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When It Was Cool Pop Culture Podcast

Jul 29, 2021

This week on the free When It Was Cool podcast from hosts Karl and Tonya review the first 4 movies in the Conjuring Universe in chronological order: The Nun (set in 1952), Annabelle Creation (set in 1955), Annabelle (set in 1967), and The Conjuring (set in 1971). Many horror movie fans consider The Conjuring family of movies to be one of the best horror movie franchises in many years and When It Was Cool takes you through the first half of the story this week.
Coming in September 2021 we are relaunching the When It Was Cool flagship podcast and refreshing the entire website with some new ideas. Not only will we continue to have fun retro reviews and tons of pro wrestling history but we will now also be looking at the idea of "When it was cool..." in a whole new fresh way. The best is yet to come and THANK YOU for helping us on this journey. Now strap in, because you ain't seen nothing yet.- Karl & Tonya