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When It Was Cool Retro Pop Culture

Dec 26, 2019

Here is a look back at the classic 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman movie. Remembered fondly by most, the movie is not without some difficulties. Still, it's a world better than what was to come. Join Karl as he looks back at one of the most iconic movies of the 1970s - Superman!

Nov 6, 2019

From the files of here is our retro TV review of one of the most fun television shows ever, the iconic Batman 1966 television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward against a colorful and amazing lineup of supervillains.  Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel for retro movie and TV fun!

Jun 14, 2019

The latest The 100 List from is the 100 Greatest Superhero Movies of All Time. As we do with each of these list, we discuss the results on a podcast special. Join Karl from When It Was Cool as he talks about the multiple Batman movies on the list, the vast range of Superman movie quality, the Marvel...

Mar 11, 2019

An audio companion to our popular 1983 The Year in Pop Culture article from taking a look back at the movies, music, TV, toys, and popular culture of 1983. MASH, Return of the Jedi, KISS, The Police, Metallica, G.I. Joe, Atari, Scarface, and more! This show was previously available to our Patreons....